No one has made the transition from videogame to the big screen look easier – or more fun – than Lara Croft. Brilliant, fierce and fearless, the explorer made the jump to the big screen in 2001 with Angelina Jolie inhabiting the character for two films. Now, Lara Croft is back starring Alicia Vikander as the tomb-raiding heroine, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering her unmistakable wardrobe worn on-screen in the blockbuster. Currently available are Lara Croft’s Stage 2 shirts, cargo pants, bracelet, belt and three bandages (click here). In a separate auction, Lara Croft’s Stage 4 shirts, cargo pants, belt, shoes, brace and three bandages (click here) are available. These pieces of wardrobe look like they’ve been worn on dirty, sweaty adventures – don’t miss your chance to own a signature piece of the new Tomb Raider movie today. To see all of the available Tomb Raider props, weapons and wardrobe items now available, click here!