The post-apocalyptic United States was never so much fun as when Will Forte’s Phil Tandy was wandering the country as The Last Man on Earth, driving around the country, walking into anywhere he chooses and collecting priceless works of art and historic artifacts to decorate his own home. VIP Fan Auctions has repossessed some of his collection, however, and is making it available to fans of the quirky comedy – including the Claude Monet oil painting “Woman with a Parasol, Madam Monet and her Son” – which hung in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., before Phil took it. While it’s not the original 1875 painting, this print is the version featured on-screen in the second episode of last Man Standing (click here for photos and more information). If you’re looking to add a bit of French impressionism with a bit of Hollywood post-apocalypse humor to your own collection, click here and join the bidding today!