The Last Man on Earth’s Phil Tandy (Will Forte) literally has the greatest tee-shirt collection in the world. It helps that he is one of the few people left in the world, but when you set the dress code for the planet, even a guy like Phil can be a trend-setter. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering Last Man fans across the Earth an opportunity to steal his style by offering some of Phil Tandy’s finest tee-shirts, including his gray digital homing pigeon style (pictured, click here for more photos and information); and two sets of multiple shirts (plus hoodie) featuring a pirate ship, lego love and more (click here); and a set featuring a Mt. Rushmore shirt and others (click here). If you’re looking to add some comfort, style and interesting designs befitting the aftermath of the apocalypse, click here to check out all the available Last Man on Earth wardrobe items today!