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The Selbees have spent their lives being sensible, responsible parents and citizens – so when Annette Bening’s Marge gives the green light to, “Let’s be a little stupid” – she and her husband, Jerry (Bryan Cranston), set off on a lottery adventure that turns around their town (the Jazz Fest is back!) and adds spice to their retirement. Based on a true story, Jerry & Marge Go Large is streaming now on Paramount+ and VIP Fan Auctions is offering props and wardrobe from the movie – including a variety of four-time Academy Award-nominee Bening’s sweaters, hats, shirts and more. One of the signature pieces of Marge’s wardrobe now available is a pair of Catch London sunglasses (pictured, click here for photos and more information) worn on-screen by Bening (along with her travel mug and a pair of earrings) and the Igloo cooler she and Jerry brought with them on their road trips to Massachusetts to buy WinFall tickets (click here). Visit the Jerry & Marge Go Large auction site for these and many more items featured in the movie!