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In the new Apple TV+ dramedy The Shrink Next Door, superstars Will Ferrell (Elf) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) team up to tell the true story of how a therapist (Rudd) preyed on the vulnerabilities of a patient (Ferrell) and manipulated his personal, family and business decisions for 30 years. Based on the popular true-crime podcast, The Shrink Next Door props and wardrobe from the series are now available at VIP Fan Auctions – including several distinctive outfits belonging to Rudd’s Dr. Ike, including the custom blue suit, shirt, tallit and more (click here), his green double-breasted suit, shirt and Adidas sneakers (click here) – and the bright pink Ralph Lauren linen jacket, shirt and pants (click here). To see all of these and much more, visit VIP’s The Shrink Next Door auction page to see all the available screen-worn pieces from the series!