Dear Heroes fans: Prepare to have your minds blown! A new batch of some of the most captivating Heroes props yet was recently uncovered by the studio – and VIP Fan Auctions is making them available to fans.  Currently on the auction block is an array of items, including a screen-used Takezo Kensei prop sword featured in multiple episodes during the first two seasons of Heroes. For fans of Sylar (and shame on you for being a fan of a bad guy), the villain’s screen used U.S. National Database finger print record and Baltimore Police Department booking photo from the fourth season are also available (right now at an incredibly affordable price). There is also a true piece of political history in the form of a copy of the Odessa Register newspaper featured in the third-season premiere, which features a photo of Nathan Petrelli on the cover with the headline: “Miraculous Recovery Captures National Interest.” Don’t miss this last chance to own a piece of Heroes! Click here to see all of the remaining Heroes auctions and place your bid today!