At first, Lewis Carroll’s famed looking glass seemed like a fun parlor trick – it could create a sentient reflection that, when positioned correctly, could be used to do things like play ping-pong with yourself (see Pete Lattimer vs. Pete Lattimer, above). Upon further, eh, reflection, however, the magic mirror (featured in both season 4 and season 5) could be much more dangerous. A flash of light would trap the consciousness of the person standing in front of the mirror with the person already trapped inside, surrounding them with cold, dark and silence. Far form a fairy tale, the mirror’s resident lunatic, Alice Liddell, entered the looking glass in the 19th century while exploring author Lewis Carroll’s house – and she has slipped deeper into insanity since the traumatic event (accidentally shooting her mother) that put her there. Somehow, the mirror wound up in a thrift shop, where it was broken – and Alice escaped. Needless to say, this artifact is not for the frivolous – yet VIP Fan Auctions is throwing caution to the wind by offering the remaining screen-used shards of the mirror to the Warehouse 13 fan who casts the wining bid. Click here for photos and more information – and please, keep the shards away from sudden flashes of light, or prepare to go down a rabbit hole to nowhere!