For all of you who were watching the cyborgs of Robocop and thought to yourself, “I need to get me one of those” – VIP Fan Auctions is about to make a wish come true. The head, torso and legs of Omnicorp’s Army cyborg, the EM-208, is now available to the winning bidder. Created exclusively for the film, these screen-used cyborg components have a high-gloss coating yet show some signs of wear from use in Robocop – but none have been blasted beyond recognition. The auction site is also offering a EM-208 head in a separate auction. Click here for more information, photos and to see all of the available props and wardrobe from Robocop – and get in on the bidding today. But if you cast the winning bid and your cyborg rises against you, you’ll have to call Omnicorp directly or deal with it yourself.