The Magnificent Seven is a story about a gang of seven gun slinging cowboys. Director Antoine Fuqua wanted to make the story as realistic as possible by taking the actors through a cowboy boot camp. “They were shooting and on horses every day,” Fuqua told Total Film magazine. “If I didn’t need them for a few hours, they would all go out shooting and horse riding. They had a great time.” When asked who he thought had the most skills, he had a hard time deciding between Denzel Washington and South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun.

“Denzel is pretty powerful on his horse and he had that gun with him all the time,” he said. “It’d be between him and Byung-hun – he was great with the gun and the knife, like a ballet dancer, the way he moves.”  Fuqua made changes to the remake by changing the names and occupations of the seven, recruiting a diverse cast, that includes a Hispanic outlaw and Native American warrior, and making sure the lead female role, Emma Cullen, played by Haley Bennett, doesn’t conform to stereotypes like other western films. “It is important to not have a woman in distress or just there for a sexual object,” he explained. “All those things help make it feel contemporary.”

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