Class is in session

Mad Men is the subject of a new two-credit course being offered this fall at the University of California-Berkeley. The class is being taught by English major Katie Dowd and History major Annie Powers – two students who are huge fans of the series. “Historically and thematically, there is a lot going on that you can delve into in a classroom setting,” Powers says. Mad Men themes being covered in the class include contemporary culture; politics of the 1960s; the role of women, class and society; and the family unit. Powers says they selected these topics by watching each season in its entirety and focusing on the general themes that occurred throughout the series. From there, she said, they narrowed down subjects to particular episodes. Each class topic has a corresponding episode and supplementary readings. Dowd and Powers begin each class with a short lecture, followed by the screening of clips from the featured episode that week. An open discussion follows. What TV show would you like to study?