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In the new movie Samaritan, when Cyrus (Pilou Asbæk) takes possession of the super-powered hammer and mask of legendary Granite City villain Nemesis, he unleashes an army of hockey mask-wearing anarchists fueled by hostility and rage. While Sylvester Stallone’s “Joe Smith” drops the hammer on Cyrus’s plot, VIP Fan Auctions helped sift through the rubble and is offering fans of the film (now streaming on Amazon Prime Video) a chance to claim a piece of the chaos. Now available at the official Samaritan auction site is a set of hockey masks with black and red markings to honor Nemesis (click here for photos and more information).  Also available is a set of more elaborate modified masks (click here), ski masks/buffs (click here) and more (click here) worn on-screen by the rioters. Check out all the Samaritan props and wardrobe now available! The auction ends soon!