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The 2015 debut of Mad Max: Fury Road was much more than a reboot of a wildly popular franchise – it was a perfectly timed resurrection of a story to coincide with the technical capability to capture it in all of its engine-roaring, blood-spattering, chrome-huffing intensity. With Tom Hardy as road warrior Max and Charlize Theron as the fierce Imperator Furiosa, this next-generation Mad Max film set a new standard for action in one of the greatest spectacles of action-flick filmmaking ever imagined.As part of its Entertainment Memorabilia Encore Event, VIP Fan Auctions is now offering the Glock 17 used in multiple sequences by Mad Max, Furiosa, Toast the Knowing (Zoe Kravitz) and Nux (Nicholas Holt). The prop handgun includes the clip, display and a letter of authenticity by the armorer who created the pistol. Click here to see additional photos and more information on the Mad Max Glock – available to serious collectors at $3,750 – and own an iconic piece of action movie history.