As How I Met Your Mother nears its series finale (March 31) we thought this would be an interesting article to share. Reportedly the final scene of the show was filmed 8 seasons ago.
Producers saw the potential of a lengthy series and they wanted to film before the actors became unrecognizable.

David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca play Ted (Josh Randor’s) teenage children… from the future if you will. They frequently show up during the show sitting a couch seemingly listening to Ted tell them the story about their mom.

It is interesting and impressively clever that the writers were insightful enough to do this. It may seem like a simple idea but things like this can often go over looked. Henrie and Fonseca have both gone on to have impressive careers in television and it certainly would have looked odd to shoot the final with them 8 years further matured.

Of course the scenes are always subject to change, and with Henrie and Fonseca legally bound to secrecy via a nondisclosure agreement, whatever was shot 8 years ago will news to the rest of us.