Here’s a few screenshots of tweets from the last few days on set with How I Met Your Mother.  It’s pretty incredible to think about both the run this show made as well as the fact that it’s almost over. 



Filming has officially wrapped and somewhere lies an out of order digital copy of what will be the end of HIMYM.  It’s bittersweet for a lot of people.  The show truly does have a lot to be proud of.  Nine years on network television is certainly no easy feat.  And to keep the cast so unbelievably consistent says something special as well.

Some of us find consolation in the upcoming spinoff, following a similar, but separate, story of a woman meeting her husband.  Personally the impending finale hasn’t quite registered with me yet.  There’s a mixture of excitement, anxiety and sadness every time an episode ends now.

Season 9 has been totally unique from the other seasons of the show, but it never loses that HIMYM feel that we all know and love.

In any case be sure to tune in Mondays at 8/7c to see the exciting end of an era.