Warehouse 13 artifacts are infused with some amazing powers, many linked to historical events – such as the Berlin Wall spray paint featured in the third-season episode “The 40th Floor.” The spray paint is infused with its original owner’s dream of seeing the Berlin Wall torn down. In present times, anything on which the paint is sprayed will disintegrate (and painting the anarchy symbol will speed up the process). VIP Fan Auctions is now offering a set of three cans of Berlin Wall spray paint featured in the episode – as well as a screen-used steam punk earpiece, Diana K. Snow’s business cards used by highest-ranking Warehouse Regent Adwin Kosain (it’s an anagram of his name), Sally Stukowski’s ring and a set of Regenbogen Spruhfarbe labels. Click here to see photos of each piece and claim your artifact from the Syfy hit Warehouse 13!