Ben-Hur's Chariot Race

Timur Bekmambetov has a lot to live up to with his version of the iconic story of Ben Hur. Ben Hur is a story of literally biblical proportions, and any time Hollywood chooses to tell said story there is a huge effort to make it an epic film. Also, this is a remake of a movie that won several awards when it came out in 1959. Director Timur Bekmambetov looks to be pulling all the stops with his version of the tale of brotherly vengeance. The promotion from the film has heavily been revolved around the chariot race scene, which looks to be a must see. The films Facebook page has released a 360-degree panorama of a chariot race between Ben Hur and an unknown competitor. Take a look and explore the exciting race action shot.

Paramount and MGM have released this unique look at one of the Ben Hur chariot races, and it is quite the site to see. If you take the time to explore the full panorama, you’ll see Judah Ben Hur riding to victory, while his competition is in wreckage behind him after what I presume hitting the wall. The scene reminds me of the pod racing from Star Wars, with the crowd, the crashes and a lot of sand.

The studios couldn’t have picked a better time to release the panorama, as Comic Con is looking to rev up its engines, and Ben Hur could use all the exposure it could get with the film coming out August 19 surrounded by a crowded lineup of highly anticipated films including Suicide Squad.