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Respect costume designer Clint Ramos did a deep dive into Aretha Franklin’s style as well as her motivations when refining the wardrobe to be features on screen. One of many interesting tidbits about the Queen of Soul that he uncovered and incorporated into the film was that Aretha always carried a purse with her on stage. “She had a few bad experiences with promoters and so for a period of time she insisted on being paid in cash, which she’d put in her purse and keep with her at all times,” Ramos told Vogue. “She’d tell the promoters they wouldn’t get a single note out of her until she was paid.” As a result many of the handbags carried on-screen by Respect star Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin are now available from VIP Fan Auctions. Click on the purses listed below for photos and more information – and bring a little Respect to your accessories:

Gold purse (with necklace and earrings)

Beige and gold purse (with boots and jewelry)

Glittery gold purse (pictured, with matching gown, earrings, bracelet and shoes)

Brown leather purse (with scarf and jewelry)

Grey and gold Gamins purse (with earrings)

Brown leather purse (with shoes, earrings and pants)

Check out all the available wardrobe at the Respect auction page – but don’t delay! The Respect auction ends June 9.