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The X-Men have always had targets on their backs for being different – and Col. William Stryker has always been eager to pull the trigger. The character was introduced in the classic 1982 X-Men graphic novel “God Loves, Man Kills” – which became the basis for the second X-Men film more than 20 years later, X2: X-Men United. The story was a watershed moment for comics and superhero films, and the VIP Fan Shop is offering a piece of history in the form of a screen-worn outfit that belonged to one of Stryker’s black ops goons (pictured) in the movie. The wardrobe includes a gray jumpsuit, black boots, gloves, tee-shirt and facemask (click here). This wardrobe collection is available immediately for $90 – no bidding required – to the X-Men fanatic looking to enhance his or her own Danger Room! Visit the VIP Fan Shop now for photos and more information.