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The villain in the new superhero film Samaritan (now streaming on Amazon Prime Video) is notorious for his plot to bring anarchy to Granite City before his heroic twin brother, Samaritan, stopped his evil plan and sent him to a fiery death. (Be warned – spoilers ahead.) At least… that’s the legend. While many thought Samaritan also died in the clash – and many others thought he was still alive but in hiding – the city will soon learn that good and bad exists in everyone when reclusive garbage man Joe Smith (played by Sylvester Stallone) reveals that he is not, in fact, the beloved hero everyone wishes him to be. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Stallone’s screen-worn Nemesis supersuit (pictured) designed by FX gurus Weta Warehouse. The suit includes the black, gray and red armor, shirt, pants, cuffs, boots and belt (click here for photos and more information about the supersuit). Available in separate auctions are Stallone’s Nemesis mask (click here) as well as his weapon of choice – a sledge hammer forged out of a burning hatred for his brother (click here). This is an amazing opportunity to own an authentic, screen-worn supervillain costume worn by a true Hollywood action icon. Visit the official Samaritan auction site today to check out all the available props and wardrobe from the movie before this auction closes!