Black Sails

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht gave a virtual third season pickup of Black Sails, when he addressed the press at the TCA Summer TV Press Tour. “ I looked at the final episode [of Season 2] the other day, and when I finished it…I thought to myself, ‘ I need to find out what happens next.’” But he then quickly stressed, “That’s certainly not an official announcement.” He backed up his faith in the way his studio does business and says that he is optimistic of his shows and believes in the people producing the shows.


He also began his Q&A with his semi-annual State of the Network overview. He announced that Starz will be make its first episode of its new series ‘Outlander’ available for free to viewers beginning August 2, ahead of the series’ worldwide premiere on August 9th. The episode will be on multiple TV and online platforms nationwide. The eight-episode season will air eight consecutive Saturdays through September 27; the second half of the 16-episode order is scheduled to continue early 2015.

Check out the Trailer for the ‘Outlander’ series coming to Starz August 9th.