How I Met Your Mother’s Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) is not exactly a girly girl – she plays hockey, drinks beer and hunts moose. That’s what made her surprise appearance to Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) apartment in the eighth-season episode “Lobster Crawl” wearing nothing but her coat and a negligee such a showstopper. Granted, Robin is also fiercely competitive, and the bold fashion statement was part of a ploy to win back Barney (of course, he knew this and was countering her strategy all along by pretending to be entertaining Patrice, leading up to his proposal). Still, fans of the series saw Robin in a whole new light – and the fan that casts the winning bid can take home this landmark piece of wardrobe! The blue bustier and J. Crew coat Robin wore on-screen when she showed up at Barney’s door (pictured above) is available at VIP Fan Auctions. For photos, more information – or to get in on the bidding, click here!