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The bathrobe has a long and distinguished history in popular culture. Classic characters from Ferris Bueller to The Dude to Tony Soprano have rocked the robe to icon status, while leading ladies from Vivian Rutledge to Monica Gellar to the Gilmore Girls have made them a staple of comfort and luxury from the golden age of Hollywood to present day. The VIP Shop is currently offering several screen-used bathrobes from recent TV series, including:

Ozark: Jade the Dancer’s (Melissa Saint-Amand) Kate Spade pink, gray and black bathrobe (pictured) with a winking face on the back worn at the Lickety Splitz Gentleman’s Club (plus high-heels and earrings – click here) for $49.95.

Condor: Eva Piper’s (Rose Collins) blue, white and yellow pinstripes-with-anchors bathrobe (with head scarf – click here) for $29.95.

Condor: Reuel Abbott’s (Bob Balaban) blue with white trim bathrobe (with swim trunks – click here) for $29.95.

Deadbeat: Ghost Marble’s (Maren Lord) purple hooded cult-ritual robe (ok, so it’s not technically a bathrobe, but it will make a statement – click here) for $60.

Condor: Gordon Piper’s (Toby Leonard) blue bathrobe (with tee-shirt and shorts – click here) for $29.95.

Visit the VIP Shop at VIP Fan Auctions to see all of the available wardrobe items now available to purchase right now – no bidding necessary – to claim your own piece of historic Hollywood loungewear and more!