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Aretha Franklin didn’t always have the respect of her peers – but she might have attracted a bit of jealousy. In one memorable moment from the new film Respect, Aretha (played by Jennifer Hudson) starts to cover a song by jazz singer Dina Washington (played by Mary J. Blige) in a club in New York. Washington doesn’t appreciate someone else singing her song, so she flips over a table and then blasts Aretha backstage (pictured) for trying to copy her rather than finding her own voice – pointing out that, despite releasing four albums, Aretha still hasn’t had a hit of her own. That was about to change. The screen-used Electro Voice microphone from the scene is now available at VIP Fan Auctions (click here). Visit the Respect auction page for more information and photos of this microphone and other props and wardrobe from the Respect – and claim a piece of movie and music history today!