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A pivotal scene in Shining Girls takes place in the flashback episode “Bright” as Harper (Jamie Bell), recently returned home from WWI,  breaks into the mysterious Chicago house and finds a set of Farmer’s Almanacs from the future and the barrel of a not-yet-invented WWII-era Welrod pistol in his face. Holding the Welrod is the time-hopping owner of the house (Ulrich Thompson), who advises Harper to take a stash of cash and go. Instead, Harper grabs the gun (pictured) and the man flees into the path of a speeding car, leaving the fledgling serial killer with a cache of items from the future, possession of the mystical house – and the immense power of time travel. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering the pistol and almanacs featured on screen (click here for photos and more information) to the fan who places the winning bid at the official Shining Girls auction site!

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