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The best wardrobe departments know how to add little touches to enhance the realism of a series and its characters. The Ozark team is one of the best in the business – take a look at the Top 5 screen-used tee-shirts now available at VIP Fan Auctions – and join the bidding today!

Murphy’s Bleachers is a legendary Chicago bar located just outside Wrigley Field – and this green tee-shirt (pictured) is exactly what a Chicagoan like Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) would have tucked away in her wardrobe (click here).

It makes sense that the Chicago-based alt-rock band Wilco would be a favorite of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) from his days in the Windy City – he wears this vintage black tee-shirt with the band’s name and a satellite dish during a flashback to his pre-Ozark life (click here).

Hey man, play some Free Bird! The southern rock anthem is likely on heavy rotation in the Langmore home and Boyd Langmore’s (Christopher James Baker) Free Bird tee-shirt is definitely in heavy rotation in his wardrobe. He wears it in two of the first nine episodes of Ozark – and it’s the last shirt he wears alive (click here).

Shorty Pants is a popular Cajun restaurant in Lake of the Ozarks, and this red-and-gray shirt with the anchor logo worn by Wyatt Langmore brings a touch of understated authenticity to the series (click here).

Like virtually every kid who grows up in Chicago, Charlotte Byrde (Sofie Hublitz) has a favorite Bulls shirt that she wears during multiple episodes of the first season of Ozark; and like virtually every teen girl, she also sports a pair of Pink shorts, which are also included (click here).

Check out these and other distinctive wardrobe pieces from Ozark before this auction ends – click here to join the bidding today!