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Millionaire Roland Voight (Goran Visnjic) possessed everything he could want, including the mystical puzzle box of Hellraiser, but he wanted something money couldn’t buy: to become a Cenobite. Ultimately, his wish was granted – he wished for sensation over love, knowledge, resurrection or power – not realizing that sensation could also be excruciating. He was fitted with a steel contraption implanted in his chest (pictured) that left him in unimaginable pain, and while Voight was eventually dragged away from this realm, VIP Fan Auctions retrieved his bloody screen-worn suit from the latest Hellraiser film (now streaming on Hulu).The suit is available in various levels of distress – including the blood-soaked shirt, black suit and tie (click here) he wears as his “gift” twists his nerve-endings in excruciating pain. Another less bloody version of his wardrobe (click here), a pair of shirts – one clean and the other bloodied in front and back in the shape of the steel implant that slices him (click here) and others, including a pristine version of his suit and shirt worn by Visnjic’s stunt double (click here). Visit the official Hellraiser auction site to see all the versions of Voight’s wardrobe and the stage blood that outlines his pain!