When your days are spent being targeted by a homicidal mascot, it’s particularly important to spend your nights in cozy relaxation. The Chanels understand this better than anyone, and their extravagant sleepwear provides both fashion and comfort – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering several of their most lavish screen-worn pajamas to Scream Queens fans. Chanel Oberlin’s (Emma Roberts) blue silk robe and green pajama tops and shorts are currently available (click here for photos and more information) – as well as Chanel No. 3’s (Billie Lourd) orange silk nightgown (pictured) worn during the classic second-season episode “Handidates” (click here for more) and her pink button-up pajama top and shorts from the first-season episode “Seven Minutes in Hell” (click here). Chanel No. 5’s (Abigail Breslin) pink robe (with shirt, skirt and necklace) worn during “Handidates” (click here) is also on the auction block. Check out all of the available Scream Queens wardrobe items and join the bidding today!