The myth of Pandora’s Box describes a container chock full o’ misery and trouble – and opening it lets all of that nastiness out into the world (you know, kind of like Twitter). Sleepy Hollow’s version of Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon) is a fitting keeper of that fabled box. Given to her by The Hidden One to destroy the gods and free him from damnation, Pandora has no fear of unleashing all the evils in the world. She is manipulative, nasty and enables people’s darkest impulses – and when she is defeated and her box is shattered by Abbie in Season 3, the fate of the world remained in question. VIP Fan Auctions has acquired a shard of Pandora’s Box and is offering it to the Sleepy Hollow fan brave enough to possess it. The large piece of the silver and brown box – roughly 9.5 x 10-in. features etchings and plenty of history as the lone piece left behind when Pandora’s Box was destroyed. Click here for photos and more information on this television artifact – and join the bidding today!

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