The beginning of the end of Parks and Recreation will premiere in January and we will have to prepare for a final goodbye to NBC’s critically acclaimed comedy. A video trailer was released of the first two episodes titled “2017” and “Ron and Jammy.” The video shows droids making parcel deliveries in Pawnee. As well as, Poehler’s character Leslie and her husband Ben, played by actor Adam Scott, opening the door for a drone delivery.

But the season will welcome back a fan favorite character, who left the show during the sixth season. Actress Rashida Jones, who portrayed the role of Leslie’s best friend Ann, is returning to the show to wrap up her character properly. The executive producer Mike Schur said the whole show was designed around Ann coming to a small public forum and complaining about something in her neighborhood and it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t bring Ann back for one episode at least. He also hinted that fans will see what Ann was up to after she left the town with Rob Lowe’s character Chris to move to Michigan with their son. The Season will premiere January 13th on NBC.