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One of the many colorful small businesses in Jerry & Marge Go Large (now streaming on Paramount+) is Raj’s Country Creamery – a local ice cream shop whose owner (played by Subhash Mandal) is able to re-open after buying a share of Jerry Selbee’s (Bryan Cranston) company that wins the lottery every few weeks. For movie fans who also happen to love ice cream, VIP Fan Auctions is offering the wood 29-in. x 40-in. Raj’s Country Creamery sign with its unmistakable “pig on a tractor” logo, uniform patch (pictured) and ice cream scooper featured on-screen in the movie. Click here for photos and more information on this set of unique props – and visit the Jerry & Marge Go Large auction site for many more pieces of authentic set pieces from the feel-good film!