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One looks at the Voight Estate in the new Hellraiser (now streaming on Hulu) gives viewers the sense that more than one sacrifice has taken place on its grounds. The home has dark secrets that extend beyond the owner’s possession of the mystical puzzle box – including a full-fledged dungeon where Roland Voight (played by Goran Visnjic) has undoubtedly entertained many an adventurous guest. With pain-and-pleasure junkie Voight now screaming with the Cenobites, VIP Fan Auctions has secured several distinctive screen-used props from the dungeon in Hellraiser. Now available is a group of accessories that include leather and metal cuffs, whips, blindfold and more (click here for photos and more information) and a second collection that includes a leather mask, cat o’ nine tails and other assorted pieces (click here). Visit the official Hellraiser auction site today to see all the available items from the Voight dungeon – as well as additional wardrobe and props from the film – and join the bidding today!