Poltergeist Clip

The first clip from the Poltergeist reboot has been released. One of the most iconic scenes from the original Poltergeist is when Carol Anne is awoken by a static filled television set that is being used by an evil spirit to contact the angelic-looking girl. When the poltergeist reaches out to her and then hovers over her sleeping family behind her she announces, “They’re here.” In the reboot, the young girl’s name is Madison Bowen played by Kennedi Clements. This time her older brother is observing his little sister having a conversation with the TV. He sees the evil reaching out to his sister and instead of “They’re here.” Madison announces, “They’re coming.” Compare the new and the classic versions of the scene below. Poltergeist arrives in theaters May 22, 2015, in 3D. Be sure to check out the official Movie Auctions here.