Based on the real-life Project Orion of the 1960s, the Syfy miniseries Ascension imagines a world in which international tension prompts the U.S. to launch hundreds of men, women and children into space for a century-long voyage aboard the USS Ascension to colonize a new planet and ensure the future of the human race. Unfortunately, a murder halfway into the voyage sends ripples through the mission. VIP Fan Auctions is offering some otherworldly wardrobe items featured on-screen in the miniseries, including the stunning red dress and gloves worn in the first episode by Tricia Helfer’s Viondra Denniger (pictured above) – as well as another red dress she wore in the third episode – and the uniform worn by Brian Van Holt’s Captain Denniger as well as his Zodiac compass and Ascension ID card. Check out these and all of the available Ascension props and wardrobe items by clicking here – and grab a piece of mankind’s last hope today!