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Dubbed the man with the “Million Dollar Voice,” CL Franklin was a well-known minister, civil rights activist and perhaps best known as the father of the Queen of Soul. Played in the film Respect by Forest Whitaker, a tremendously talented and versatile performer in his own right, CL Franklin was a towering figure in the life of Aretha Franklin and numerous parishioners across the nation who listened to his sermons in person, on the radio and on record albums. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a number of distinctive wardrobe items worn by Forest Whitaker in Respect, including a gray double-breasted suit, shirt and hat (click here for photos and more information) as well as his red, gray and black pinstripe suit, shirt and hat (click here). Even the trademark glasses he wears onscreen are available (click here) to the fan who casts the winning bid. Take a look at all the available props and wardrobe from Respect today, and claim your piece of Hollywood history!