From the tip of her tiara to the bottom of her designer heels, The Royals resident wild child Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) spares no expense when it comes to her wardrobe – and VIP Fan Auctions is giving fans an opportunity to claim some of her most extravagant pieces. Currently available to The Royals watchers is a set of Eleanor’s necklaces – a 51-inch beige, gold and black Chanel necklace as well as her 37-inch black and white Gucci necklace – worn during the show’s Season Three premiere (click here for photos and more information). Also available is a set of the princess’s screen-used accessories, including necklaces, pins, rings, boots and hat (click here) straight from the set of The Royals; her black leather jacket, leather boots and white party dress (click here) worn during the series finale (pictured) – and much, much more to whet your Royals appetite. Click here to see all the available props and wardrobe from The Royals, and join the bidding today!