The Omec are a frightening species. Hailing from the planet Omec, these double-skinned, purple-hued aliens are known for eating their Votan slaves. While most of them were wiped out by their own creation, the Indogene, a few resurface in the mining town of Defiance, where their leader (until he was killed by another Omec) developed an affinity for humans and their ability to live in harmony. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the Omec Dos’s (Demore Barnes) authentic, screen-worn costume (see above) created by the Defiance wardrobe department, and it includes chest armor, skirt, belt, shoes, tights, pants, shirt, undershirt and gloves. Don’t miss your chance to claim this, or a number of other Defiance props and wardrobe items (click here), straight from the set of Syfy’s ambitious series that blended television, gaming and phenomenal storytelling. If nothing else, get in on the bidding for self-preservation. After all, if the Omec ever do reach Earth and invite you to a dinner party, this armor may be the difference between having a seat a the table or a place on the menu!