Squintern Arastoo with Booth and Brennan

For Bones fans who have worried about the futures of Temperance Brennan’s rotating band of interns ever since Zack Addy turned Gorogmon lackey, the current crop of “squinterns” have bright futures with key storylines. Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan told Entertainment Weekly that many of them will see expanded roles in the coming episodes – at least those who don’t get cast in other series. “They’ve all been evolving throughout their lives on the show,” he told the magazine. Arastoo will be returning late (operative word) in the season – he shows up on a no-fly list. Clark will also return and have “more of a real presence on the show and a part of the family within the lab,” according to Nathan. Wendell’s friendship with Hodgins and Angela will also create an interesting dynamic. The tenure of Ryan Cartwright (Vincent) and Carla Gallo (Daisy) may be coming to an end, however, as both are being considered for roles in new series.