It wouldn’t be convenient or comfortable for boxers to wear their championships belts in public, so the “Italian Stallion” Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) wears a much subtler sign of his pugilism prowess on his finger in the form of a championship ring. Rocky’s screen-worn size 12 ring is silver with black details and a rhinestone gem at its center. One side of the ring says “Rocky undefeated 49-0-0 43 KOs,” while the other says “Marciano Ring Sept. 23, 1952.” VIP Fan Auctions is offering this manliest piece of jewelry ever created to the Rocky or Creed fan who casts the winning bid – click here for photos, more information and to join the bidding today.

Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) has faced off against monsters in the ring, but he’s never looked more nervous than when he was preparing to give a ring to his girlfriend, Bianca (Tessa Thompson). We’re not saying whether she accepts his proposal in Creed II, but VIP Fan Auctions has the engagement ring Adonis offered her on-screen in the hit film. The ring is silver in color with rhinestones (not diamonds) and includes the black box. The proposal is one of the lighter moments in Creed II, and marks a major step in the personal life of the heavyweight champ – click here for photos, more information, and to get in on the bidding to bring a piece of movie history home.

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