Though Omnicorp has fused man and machine into the next evolution of law enforcement in 2028 Detroit, heavyweight fashion designers like Prada and Burberry maintain classic styles for the near future. That’s good news for 2014 fans of Robocop because VIP Fan Auctions is offering some of the key pieces of wardrobe worn on-screen in the film by some of its top stars. Currently available from the Robocop collection is a Burberry trench coat worn by Jay Baruchel (who plays Omnicorp marketing guru Tom Pope), a Prada sweater worn by Michael Keaton (as Omnicorp CEO Raymond Sellars) – and an Omnicorp Security uniform worn by Jackie Earle Haley (above, as Rick Mattox). Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the new Robocop – click here to see all of the available auctions.