Robocop offers fans a glimpse into a dark future that reveals things never before imagined. VIP Fan Auctions is taking that a step further by offering fans the opportunity own pieces of Robocop that they never knew existed. For example, the site is currently offering a production-used replica of Robocop – made completely of foam (see photo above). This extraordinary duplicate of law enforcement’s greatest cyborg stands roughly 6-1/2 feet tall and is meticulously detailed – click here for more photos and information. VIP s also offering a headless, battle-damaged EM-208 that has its lower right leg blown away and head removed (the Omnicorp machine’s severed limb and detached head is included, however). You really have to see the photos of this android to appreciate it – click here to determine if you’re savvy enough to reassemble and reanimate this gnarled piece of futuristic technology!