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The downtrodden people of Granite City are looking for a hero – even if that hero is a psychopathic criminal – in the new superhero movie Samaritan (now streaming on Amazon Prime Video). When the gangster Cyrus (played by Pilou Asbæk) takes control of the mask and hammer of legendary supervillain Nemesis, he looks to spread chaos and fear across the city – unless an aging garbage man (Sylvester Stallone) can stop him. The leather coat (pictured, click here for photos and more information) and Nemesis mask (pictured, click here) worn on-screen by Cyrus (as well as the hammer, click here) is now available to fans at VIP Fan Auctions. Also included with the coat are Cyrus’s John Varvatos shirt, Levi’s, belt and boots. Visit the Samaritan auction site today to see these – and all the available props, wardrobe and more from the movie today!