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In the 2019 film Hustlers (based on a true story), Constance Wu’s Destiny started working at strip clubs to help support her grandmother, but once Jennifer Lopez’s Ramona took her under her wing and big money started flowing – there was plenty of extra cash to buy designer clothes, jewelry and anything else she wanted. That is, until the good times came crashing to an end… twice. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans a taste of Destiny’s better days with a closetful of her screen-worn wardrobe from the movie. Here are 11 of her best for a variety of occasions:

Red dress (pictured), lingerie and jewelry worn by Constance Wu as Destiny on her first night under the tutelage of Jennifer Lopez’s Ramona.

Black and gold camouflage pattern Hello Miss dress and jewelry worn on-screen by Constance Wu as the fishing con begins to unravel.

Pink “F— It Up, Buttercup” tee-shirt, shirt and earrings that Destiny wears during an argument with her boyfriend.

Black see-through robe, fishnet tights, black miniskirt, red top and jewelry worn by Destiny on-stage during the last great night at the club.

Gold House of London dress and earrings worn by Destiny when she and Ramona discover others copying their fishing scheme.

Purple Kamala dress and shoes Destiny wears at the club when she is complimented on her penmanship.

Speed Junkies Vintage Motors long-sleeve tee-shirt, Pookie & Sebastian skirt, shoes and jewelry worn on-screen by Destiny when she reunites with Jennifer Lopez’s Ramona after the market crash.

Silver off-the-shoulder leopard-print Bebe shirt, Vigo Fiore shoes, pants and jewelry worn on-screen as the fishing scheme is taking off and breathing new life into the strip club.

Black Bebe coat, Stop Staring dress, Steve Madden shoes and jewelry worn by Destiny as she tries to avoid the paparazzi after court.

Long-sleeve black Bebe shirt, purse and earrings and thigh-high boots Destiny stuffs with money after a particularly lucrative night.

Black and blue negligee (with shoes) Destiny wears when she returns to the strip club to try to earn money to support herself and her daughter.

Check out all the available wardrobe worn on-screen by the star-studded cast at the official Hustlers auction site – and join the bidding on a piece of Hollywood history today!