“The Goa’uld take great pleasure in discharging the weapon only once on a subject. Causing great pain, disabling them, but not killing them. The second shot will kill most subjects.”

–Teal’c describing the Zat’nik’tel (ZAT gun)

“Keep it simple and always try to make it look cool!” Those words are the mantra of Stargate prop master Kenny Gibbs, who told  VIP Fan Auctions in an exclusive interview that his favorite props to create are the weapons. “What can I say, I’m a guy,” he says. But what is the prop he would most like to own from his years working on the Stargate franchise? “Probably a serpent head and staff weapon from the original series, SG-1,” he says. “Classics.” For fans who share his enthusiasm for cool weaponry, VIP Fan Auctions is currently offering a production-used Zat’nik’tel – a ZAT gun – from SG-1. While it’s not as powerful as a staff weapon, this Goa’uld-designed blaster features the trademark serpentine look – and is always poised to strike. Check out photos and details on this SG-1 prop by clicking here – and place your bid today. Do not let this opportunity get away!