Stargate Universe’s prop master Kenny Gibbs gives the VIP Fan Blog an exclusive peek behind the scenes at what it takes to convert a futuristic vision into something tangible – and cool.

VIP: What were some of the most challenging props to create?
Kenny Gibbs: The ones that don’t exist! A large part of the challenge is usually in the hands of the production designer and then it’s up to me to either be the hero and say “I can build that,” or the bad guy and say “we have to re-think this prop.” Props that the actor has to wear (i.e., alien armband) has at times given me a few gray hairs over the years.

VIP: What prop items were the most fun to create?
KG:The most fun props in my opinion are the weapons. What can I say – I’m a guy.

VIP: What prop items turned out even better than you imagined?
KG:It’s a tie between the Replicator disruptor (#2) used in Atlantis and the Kino remote used in Universe. With all the advancement in technology now, some things turn out better you imagine.

VIP: What prop items would you like to have a chance to do again/enhance?
KG:Sometimes you wish there was more time to build things right the first time. I would have liked more time with the alien squids we made for “Time” (Stargate Universe).

VIP: What prop would you most like to own?
KG:Probably a serpent head and staff weapon from the original series (SG-1). Classics.

VIP: What prop are you most proud of?
KG:The Kino balls.

VIP: What is something fans would be shocked about regarding a prop?
KG:That many of them look better than in the past. In the old days, before HD, we got away with a lot. These days everything has to look really good.

VIP: What prop ended up being the most difficult to create and why?
KG:An arm band that we built during Atlantis. For what it was supposed to do and how it fit and interacted with the actor. Always a difficult scenerio.

VIP: Were there any specific rules or concepts that you always followed when designing props for SGU?
KG: Keep it simple and always try to make it look cool!

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