Billy Bob Thornton has made a career of playing menacing characters, and his turn as Reno hit-man Lorne Malvo in the FX hit Fargo furthers his reputation as one of the most interesting actors to watch  Deadly with a knife and a master manipulator, Lorne Malvo arrived in Bemidji, Minn., with a man in his trunk and a penchant for creating havoc as his body count continued to increase. Fans of the series and the character now have an opportunity to claim a piece of Billy Bob Thornton’s Fargo wardrobe – the gray-and-blue plaid jacket, Hugo Boss sweater and Levi’s jeans he wore on-screen as Malvo in the episode”The Rooster Prince” (pictured above) is now available to the winning bidder at VIP Fan Auctions.  For sizing information, photos and more information about the duds, click here – and visit the Fargo auction page for more props and wardrobe from the series.