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The Apple TV+ limited series The Shrink Next Door takes place over the course of nearly 30 years, but the wardrobe – well, most of it – is timeless (especially the tuxedoes). VIP Fan Auctions is offering a wide variety of the suits worn used for production, including several worn on-screen by stars Will Ferrell (as Marty) and Paul Rudd (as Dr. Ike), including:

Marty (Will Ferrell)

Classic black tuxedo, Kenneth Bole shoes and cufflinks

Black wool Mr. Oh suit and Anto shirt

Brown wool double-breasted suit and Brooks Brothers shirt

Brown wool jacket, pants and yarmulke

Stafford tuxedo and Brooks Brothers shirt


Dr. Ike (Paul Rudd)

Ralph Lauren blue wool sport coat

Ralph Lauren ensemble with pink linen sport coat, white pants, pink and white shirt

Brown overcoat, sport coat and pants

Dark green double-breasted suit with Adidas shoes

Gray wool sport coat and pants

Blue single-breasted suit with tallit, yarmulke and shoes

These pieces of wardrobe not only have the added benefit of being worn by two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but they are also much more stylish than the wardrobe Rudd and Ferrell wore onscreen during their Anchorman days! Visit The Shrink Next Door auction site for these and much more – and join the bidding today!