Into every generation a Slayer is born… And for a generation of fans, Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be that Chosen One, and those who continued to follow her post-Buffy the Vampire Slayer career to The Crazy Ones co-starring the late, great Robin Williams know that there’s much more to the actress than artfully dusting bloodsuckers at the Hellmouth (though she was amazing at it). As an advertising executive playing opposite one of the greatest comedic – and frenetic – actors of all time, Gellar was stellar in the role and VIP Fan Auctions is offering designer mementos of her time on The Crazy Ones in the form of a pair of leather Gucci pumps (original retail price of $648) and a pair of black leather knee-high Rag and Bone boots (original retail price of $757) – worn by SMG on-screen. Don’t miss your chance to get these designer shoes (for a bargain) worn by one of television’s iconic performers. Click here for photos, sizing information and to see all of The Crazy Ones auctions today!