After taking a bullet to the gut and learning he has a baby to support, Rick Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt) was in a desperate situation. The FBI’s youngest informant had essentially been abandoned by the feds and his friends, the family business of dealing firearms was under serious scrutiny, and the clearest path to making money was by selling drugs – this time for himself and not the FBI. Along with earning enough to support his family, however, White Boy Rick also took care of himself in the form of fur coats, a collection of chains, sneakers and jackets to look sharp on the Detroit streets. While Rick Jr. had to trade all of those trappings for an orange jumpsuit, VIP Fan Auctions swooped in to make them available to fans of the film White Boy Rick. Click here to check out these and other pieces of wardrobe and props from White Boy Rick today – but don’t delay. These auctions end soon!