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The star power in House of Gucci is off the charts, but it’s the unrecognizable performance of Academy Award-winner Jared Leto as the hapless Paolo Gucci who steals every scene in which he appears. Paolo’s questionable style, triumphant mediocrity and simmering anger and jealousy for constantly being dismissed by his family (“My son is an idiot, but he’s my idiot,” says Al Pacino as Paolo’s father, Aldo Gucci) eventually leads to trouble for the family business. The colorful red silk robe with swans that Paolo wears while feeding his pigeons and threatening to betray his father is now available to the fan who places the winning bid at VIP Fan Auctions. Click here for photos and more information about this signature piece of screen-used wardrobe (pictured) from House of Gucci – worn by one of the planet’s most talented actors. To see all the available items straight from the set of House of Gucci today, click here and join the fashion legacy!