Sofia Black D'Elia

Future Ben-Hur star, Sofia Black-D’Elia is on the rise. She is a beautiful and talented actress, she has been acting for many years and she is starting to show her true star quality. She has the potential to be a big star. She became popular from her role as Tea Marvelli in the hit U.S. version TV series Skins and we have been watching her career grow ever since. Also, we will be watching the break out role in Ben-Hur which comes out in the summer of 2016.

Also, we are excited to see what she has to offer in her upcoming new series The Messengers. We expect her to give another excellent performance. Meanwhile, she will be starring in a movie Viral, which completed production in 2014 and is awaiting the release date. Ben-Hur will be a role that she will be starring in next to top talent but she will be able to hold her own and could show that she should be on the top list of actresses in Hollywood.